It’s been a dream on my heart for many years: to have a creative collection of all that inspires me in one place, with the hope that it will inspire you, too. For a long time, though, I thought up every reason not to go for it. What would people think? How would I stand out in an oversaturated blogosphere? What if I fail?

“But oh darling, what if you fly?”

Through a series of events in my life – both the good moments and those I thought I’d never make it through – my perspective shifted. We only get one life, and it is a privilege not only to find a passion but also to be able to invest in it. LIVE! Don’t just exist.

I am so grateful to those in my life who love me so well, enough to not let me give up on something I love.

So, I am ecstatic to finally say: welcome friends! I hope you’ll stay a while.

And I hope if you haven’t yet, you’ll find what you love — and go do it.


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