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Holiday Home Decor

Searching for and putting up holiday decor is such a happiness-inducing activity for me. These are just a few of the festive details I added to brighten up my space. I especially love the holiday throw pillows and glittery garlands.

While I love real Christmas trees, my space is so small, so I decided to add a faux baby spruce tree with mini ornaments instead. I’m very detail-oriented, so I like every piece on my tree to have a specific story. For example, if you know me, you know I drink everything out of Mason jars. I picked up this mini Mason jar ornament at a craft show when I was living and working in Georgia; it’s so darling and is a great tribute to my time there and memories created. I also took the initially black monogram letters and spray-painted them gold to add an accent to the gallery wall in the main walkway.

Right now, there are SEVEN (!) festive candles on rotation in my home. I’m very much a scent person, and whenever I am at home, there is guaranteed to be at least one candle lit. What are your favorite holiday pieces? Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday season!


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