Red Jumpsuit
Red Jumpsuit
Red Jumpsuit
Red Jumpsuit

Photography: Carly Landolt

Dresses are definitely my favorite, but my closet is starting to fill with jumpsuits in every color because they’re the best of both worlds: chic and comfortable! This perfect-for-Valentine’s one in a fire red hue does not disappoint.

What can be disappointing, however, is our society’s approach to love today. Though I know plenty of fantastic couples, I also know many single friends who are disheartened by what they call a generation of “Tinder love.” Navigating intentions can get cloudy, juggling multiple people at a time is expected, and “ghosting” is a normalized modus operandi. Still, I have good friends who have happily married after meeting on dating apps, and I think that’s wonderful. They can be a great way to connect with people you may never cross paths with otherwise.

I do believe, though, that in a seemingly endless sea of options, there is a pervasive undercurrent that whispers, ‘Sure, this is good. But there could be better. Sure, you are happy. But could you be happier?’ And that dangerous thought affects everyone, even those of us who prefer to meet organically. As a result, we as a society seem to value commitment less, cheapen intimacy more, and resign ourselves to the idea that “this is just how it is now.”

I politely decline. A year ago, for good reason, I gave up love and started pursuing myself — continuing to chase my career goals, strengthen my friendships, and refine my sense of self. Our culture tells us our personal happiness and fulfillment are supreme. Yes, they are very important. But to me, love is a choice and a daily recommitment: to value your partner before yourself even when the initial sparks have faded, to be honest and loyal at all times, to protect his/her heart above your own interests and desires. Like many things in our lives, we choose what we allow, and we can choose to accept better for our precious hearts. And even though I find Valentine’s Day to be over-commercialized, I do appreciate that it’s an extra opportunity to express love to those around us. Whether you have your person or not, I hope you will rest in the assurance that you are deeply known and yet infinitely loved.

-fin- <3



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