Because I’ve been traumatized by terrible hair experiences in the past, when I find a great stylist, I’m forever loyal. After moving from Georgia back to the Philadelphia area, I had to find a new salon. I discovered Bobby Mack & Co Hair Studio by chance through raving reviews on Yelp. After careful consideration, I stepped into my first appointment with Erin in October 2015 when the studio was still on 17th & South Streets. I’ve never looked back.

Since then, the growth for this team has been exponential; a few weeks ago, they moved to a new, larger location a few blocks away on the corner of 20th & South Streets. It’s a beautiful, open space with a family feel, especially since it’s run by namesake Bobby Mack and his darling fiancé, James. What I love is the authenticity of the team and the service. As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted and offered your pick of coffee, tea, water (and yes, even wine).

Most importantly, they really know hair. I trust them so much that I’ll make appointments with a general idea then let them work their magic. I highly recommend Bobby and also my girl, Erin; they’re the only two who have cut and colored my hair so far. But scroll through their Instagram and you can see all of the stylists are on point. My coloring appointment took about three hours. In short, the process involves carefully hand-painting different sections of hair, wrapping them in foil, letting them melt under heat, rinsing, toning, and applying gloss.

One thing to note: because they are growing so quickly, sometimes colorists double-book (i.e.: apply your color in the time another client has to sit for a good amount of time under the heat with highlights already applied). While just about every great salon does this for maximum efficiency and to make sure they can accommodate every client, if this would bother you, just let them know when booking the appointment. And also make sure to schedule your appointments as far in advance as possible! They are extremely friendly and as flexible as possible.

What do you look for in a stylist? If you end up trying this salon, I’d love to hear about your experience!

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IMG_0496.JPGGrowing up, I had a lot of skin issues; some, like eczema, continue to this day. That’s why I used to want to be a dermatologist (ironically, I never once considered a career in TV as a child, and yet, here we are). Still, caring for my skin became more of a necessity, and I’ve learned a lot about what works best for my ridiculously sensitive epidermis.

Korean skincare is extremely intensive; some women go through twelve or more steps as part of their daily regimen. I probably should make more time for this as an investment into my future aged face, but I’ve been trying to be more diligent about at least the basic steps.

The goal for every woman should be to have lovely skin without makeup, so that it can be used to accentuate – not cover up – features! The other super important part of skincare is proper makeup removal. Because HD cameras catch every “flaw” and require heavier makeup to even show up on-air, I tend to have to wear quite a bit of foundation, blush, and eyeshadow daily for work. It always makes me feel a bit grossed out to wipe all of that off at the end of the night and think about how much would just be caught in my pores if I wasn’t properly cleansing!

To do so, I’ve been using Garnier Micellar Water, which is very cheap at any drugstore, along with Clean It Zero. On top of that, I double-cleanse with two foam cleansers. Very intensive, I know. I also use a black sugar exfoliator once a week and sheet masks when I have time and feel like pampering myself a little bit.

Below, I’ve linked the products I’ve been using and enjoying recently. This is *not* a paid post. Some of these items can get pricey, but skincare is truly an investment worth making.

What’s your skincare routine? I’d love to hear!


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