Standing behind the Bulgari brand are more than 130 years of history.

Founded in Rome in 1884, its product lines from fine jewelry to watches to hotels are instantly recognizable.

As it carves out a new path through the present, the selective luxury goods giant has decided to open a brand new store in the Philadelphia region at the King of Prussia mall. This is only Bulgari’s twentieth store in North America ranging from New York to Hawaii to Canada.

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Daniel Paltridge, the President of Bulgari North America, who happens to be darling and incredibly down-to-earth.

On choosing the Philadelphia region:

“It’s been on our radar for a while because of the success of the overall mall and the brands here. It was always a question of adding the right location. When [the King of Prussia mall] decided to open the brand new luxury wing, it gave the brands opportunities to have a significant presence, full stores, and more space to play with, plus natural light. We’re very selective in terms of where we go. Each place we look at, we go, ‘Do we believe we can tell our story?'”

On sharing the Bulgari story without over-saturating markets:

“It’s a delicate balance. It’s typically one store, one city. Also, it’s the creativity of design and having something very distinctive. A lot of our pieces are one-of-a-kind, which is not always reproduced in significant quantity, and that makes it really special.”

On joining Bulgari:

“Bulgari stands out. There’s an absolutely magical heritage and DNA behind the brand. It’s the Roman high jeweler, bold and distinctive. It’s the master of color gemstones. What interests me is this great story, which resonates. The DNA of Rome flows through everything we do. Perhaps it’s not for everybody, but we don’t necessarily want it to be. Rome, color, and creativity set us apart.”

On the secrets to success:

“You have to be very loyal and consistent to your core beliefs at the end of the day. I think staying humble is super important as well, especially when you work in luxury goods. We have these incredibly expensive, magnificent, one-of-a-kind pieces, which is a pleasure to be around, but keeping that humility is very important.

Humility is something not necessarily you learn but something within yourself. I think the most successful people within luxury goods have this element of humility that keeps them grounded.”

On Philly cheesesteaks:

“The last time I tried one was four years ago! It was downtown Philadelphia somewhere.”

Now that Bulgari is in the Philadelphia region, I’m sure we can find a way to resolve Daniel’s cheesesteak situation. His message of humility resonated with me most, as it’s something I also strongly believe.

It was wonderful to experience the Bulgari story for myself and to try on such iconic pieces. The Serpenti collection is one of their most distinct, and I found the gold bracelet a personal favorite.

Are you a Bulgari fan? What parts of the interview did you find most interesting?

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