Little Spoon Café
1500 South Street, South Street West

What I Got: Vietnamese Iced Coffee and Kale Salad with Chicken Salad

What I Thought: I love Vietnamese iced coffee. This did not disappoint (also because it’s served in a mason jar, and anyone who knows me understands how much I love them).  As far as the salad, HUGE portions. I could split it into two meals. The interior vibes are cozy and cute; you will want to make a reservation on a weekend.

What I Want: Also recommended by others are the shakshuka (baked eggs in spicy pepper tomato sauce) and cheddar chive pancakes. If you’re into drinks, they also offer BYO mimosas, Bloody Marys, and bellinis (you bring the alcohol, they provide the rest).

I’d love to hear the places I should try next! Shoot me an e-mail:

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I know we’re only just getting into 2017, but it honestly has been the best year of my life so far. For years, I hesitated starting this blog. But it’s been the most rewarding and most joyful part of my days lately, and it’s led to meeting some amazing humans and to some incredible opportunities that I’m so excited to be part of.

The first is #MyCityMoves, a city-wide fitness challenge organized by City Fitness that aims to turn Philadelphia into the nation’s fittest city! You can join me and a dozen or so of Philly’s well-known fitness influencers by registering here through March 6. Turn the calories you’d be burning in your workouts anyway can turn into a chance to win $10K and other prizes!

The challenge officially kicks off March 11-31. Shoutout to Danny Gevirtz for the DOPE video above. Let’s get moving, Philly!

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