I quote Mean Girls often. So fetch. But I think of it especially more when Halloween rolls around, because a huge part of the movie is when Cady shows up wearing a ‘traditional’ (re: ‘lame’ in ‘Girl World’) Halloween costume instead of something revealing.

Then she learns the sobering lesson that Halloween in Girl World is nothing like what she thought.

So, Regina George would probably judge my costume hard; but I think it’s sweet. (Fist bump for puns).

img_8736img_8761Growing up, Pops was my favorite cereal. Every time I’d go on little ‘field trips’ to my dad’s office (like a 15-minute drive from our house to his work, lulz), he’d always have a fresh box available. I always loved the silver packaging, and my love of glitter & metallic has not changed since. Not shocking. And even though for me, Halloween is still very much about candy over costumes, the nostalgic memory is what inspired this get-up.

All of these items are available at local craft stores, like AC Moore, Michael’s and Jo-Ann Fabrics.


Some creativity up in here
Yellow felt
Two yellow buttons
Iron-on transfer sheets (and an iron)
Wide silver ribbon
Sewing machine (or to befriend a human who knows how to do such things)


A small carton of Pops
Plastic headband
Glue gun
A zipper


1. Wrap the felt around your body, starting from under your arms, and measure the width and height you’d like. Once the piece is cut, sew the dress together (I added a zipper, but this is optional).

2. Cut two long strips of the same width. These will become the straps. (I sewed a line into the middle before attaching them to the dress for detail/appearance purposes. This is also optional).

3. Sew the buttons on where the straps and dress meet, like overalls.

4. Add a silver ribbon lining to the bottom of the dress.

5. Print the Pops logo onto iron-on transfer paper and iron onto the front of the dress. I also edited ‘nutrition facts’ on Photoshop and put them on the back of my dress, as an extra touch.

6. For the headband, glue gun individual Pops cereal pieces around a silver or clear plastic headband.

7. Add metallic silver leggings and sneakers or flats to complete the look.

Happy making & munching!


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